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Y-Axis on both sides of graphs in Excel

Sometimes there is the need for comparing two sets of data that have totally different ranges (eg: first set varies between 1 and 10 and second set between 100 and 1000).

Creating one graph for this with one vertical Y-Axis only will give something like the example. No chance of seing the small part accurately.


Now if you change the settings slightly. It will become like this.

y axis in excel

and it is much more visible.... !!!!

Changing the settings is done as follow:

  • in the graph, right click on the line you want to have the y-axis on the other side.
  • select "format data series" menu
  • select "axis" tab
  • click on "secondary axis"
  • Done!

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tip: you can also change the type of graph of the second axis by selecting "chart type".


Updated September 12th, 2010


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